The BRIIC Library contains books, including classic and contemporary plays,screenplay’s, award-winning documentaries, feature and short films and TV series of all genres; the esteemed Criterion Collection of classic film DVDs; textbooks for General Education subjects, and the most up-to-date industry magazines. Students have access to the Academy's library during all hours of operation. The library includes the following resources to facilitate the needs of its students:

  • Reference books
  • Access to online library
  • Periodicals
  • Books on filmmaking and acting theory
  • DVD movie collection
  • Collections of films
  • Links to online research and filmmaking resources
  • Screening Room

The Library is designed to support the instructional and research needs of students by providing a multi-media environment that encourages independent study, furthers a student's understanding of visual storytelling, and ultimately enhances the quality of student work. Reference materials on film festivals and talent agencies, biographies on filmmakers who have created successful careers for themselves, and other job-related information resources are made readily available to every student.