Film Editing

TIt is often said that there are three distinct phases of telling a story through film, the script, the production itself, and the editing process. While it is the script that shapes the direction of the production, it is the editor who truly brings shape, structure, and life to a film. While editing requires a considerable deal of technical know-how, a successful editor is a person who possesses a deep understanding of storytelling and can come up with novel and compelling ways to tell a familiar story through the power of editing.

The Film editing course at BRIIC offers students the chance to study and practice digital editing in an intensive, hands-on environment in which they receive in-class instruction in the theory of digital editing and the different approaches to editing film and video. Classes are taught and overseen by our faculty of professional editors who have varied and extensive experience editing feature-length films, television shows, television series, and much more. Students get to work in the Film Academy’s state-of-the-art editing laboratory.


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