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" It is not technology, but the emotional moments which touch the human core is the important ingredient of a successful film. "

Bharathi Rajaa International Institute Of Cinema

BRIIC is a visionary initiative to cater new dimensions to the film industry by the maestro of Tamil cinema Bhararatiraja. Dignitaries like him are the blessings of industry, and our students must be abundantly blessed by his wisdom. From Oscar winning technicians to erudite academicians, BRIIC has a panel of renowned technicians and academic experts to engage students with the latest and relevant in the industry. We believe in the potential of human talents so our scholarships and free training schemes will help to grow the aspirants.

Forget about boring theory classes. A real artiste will be shaped as a result of plenty of transformations. Experience, passion, vision, assiduousness makes a film complete. Without the element of life nothing lively can arise, so come let us live life and film life at BRIIC. From a lively vibrant campus to the best facilities for an aspiring student with passion, talent and focus we have the necessary training ground to catapult them into the best.

We assure only one thing that, our students will not grope without experience or exposure during the course of learning here. We will give them a sword of wisdom to realize their filmy goals. The training we provide will not make mediocre graduates; we educate our students to be a complete individual enriching their life to become more productive. World renowned technicians are our strength and successful students are going to be our grace. World need more proof of self expression to see the courage we preserve. Show that courage and live for eons. A remarkable work arises when the creator expresses himself. BRIIC is a complete platform to reach new level of self expression.

More and more students are making the choice to go to film school, whether to pursue their dreams of becoming a professional filmmaker or to acquire the essential skills to create their own films. BRIIC stands out as offering a filmmaking education like no other. As a film school with international standards BRIIC stands out from the many other programs and film schools through the Academy’s emphasis on learning by doing. Students not only receive an extensive education in the theory and practice of essential film concepts and practices, but they also learn to write, direct, act and edit films — all while gaining extensive on-set experience by working in a variety of technical positions in movies being directed by their Chairman Director Bharathirajaa. In addition to this project-based curriculum, BRIIC students also receive the benefit of studying under the academy’s outstanding faculty of professional filmmakers who remain active in the industry.

In short, BRIIC provides students with an incomparable solid foundation in film education that actively prepares them for a career in the entertainment/media industry. Instructors at Briic will teach you every aspect of the artistic, technical and historical sides of the craft. Your lessons will take place in the classroom, studios, and during real film shooting assignments so as to meet the needs of the growing film industry by providing hands-on experience on major film and television productions.

The Courses at BRIIC are collaborated with IECD ,Bharathidasan University The Bharathidasan University has conceptualized and started a massive institutional structure known as Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development in order to enrich students with vocational skills leading to self-employment, and also eventually enabling them to emerge as successful entrepreneurs in the respective field.